Triple T Creations

This is a section dedicated to my 10 year old daughter's first business, Triple T Creations. She has wanted to follow in her Mommy and Daddy's foot steps and create her own business for awhile. Her business has started out with homemade lip balms which came about from her having a lip balm collection and she now makes them on her own. She may add a few other items here and there and if her lip balm does well she wants to expand into more things for her business! For now her items will be available here for purchase and they can be purchased by themselves or with any CRC products. She also has a facebook business page, Triple T Creations.

I couldn't be more proud of her for taking this step already in life! She will of course have Mommy and Daddy's help along the way where it is needed and has a plan to put her profits back into her business, have a little for spending and the rest going into her savings. 

I hope you all enjoy her products! ❤